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Dustin Jones is an author of adult fantasy and science fiction, including his upcoming debut fantasy novel, A Vessel in Spring. Dustin was born in December of 1989 in Tomball, Texas during a rare Texas blizzard. Dustin read some as a child, but the habit wasn't voracious, likely due to a healthy dose of attention deficit. Though, stories always intrigued him, and he occasionally cracked the odd book for an escape from mundanity. Dustin was a creative child. Whether it was books, or drawings, or a life-sized model of a ring-tailed lemur, he was always making stuff.


Music became his love early on, and he sang in choirs, both local and competitively state-wide. He continued his musical habits into later grade school and applied his interest in school musicals and four-piece groups. Writing didn't become a big player in his life until he became interested in screenplay writing in his late teens. He wrote a few screenplays, but it never went very far.


Dustin began college as a broadcast production major. He switched majors a few times, eventually finding his way to the science department. He ended up studying geology where he developed a love for camping and hiking. Dustin wouldn't go on to pursue a career directly tied to his studies, but the romanticism and beauty of the outdoors would have a part to play yet.  


After a hiatus from science classes and mapping rural regions of central Texas in college, Dustin decided to try his hand at novels. He was inspired by his bolstered knowledge of the natural world, and it sparked in him an interest in placing characters in that world and letting possibilities emerge. He was also inspired by a dissatisfaction in post-college life to open himself a new path. This is when he began writing his first book.


Dustin resides in the jungles of Houston, Texas with his wife and daughter where he works as a hydrologic technician for the local Flood Control District. He has also worked as a high school science teacher and has his bachelor of science degree in geology. He might be indecisive. His greatest loves in life are his family, music, writing, reading, camping, hiking and breakfast tacos.

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